The Dream

The dream was not a nightmare-sad she felt of the ghost that lived in her mind at night not wanting to close her eyes, she had dealt with the pain came more pain, she knew no light The dream was ready for afraid she knew the one whom she loved would return tonight regret crept … Read more

We Are Still Here

The hate clung to the air-contagious-breathe tears flowed, eyes red, fists pumped, our faces hot they yell, they spew lies, over and they teethe in time-living backwards in thought The light that was ensured did not appear shouts and fists pumped through the air-in time they stared and making us part of their fear uncertain … Read more

Being Stronger

Fictitious respect handed down to her a baby face and bottom crying dropped in fifth consistent battle whisperer the pain and guilt her stomach would sink popped Fast forward through ten or eleven years she sits here getting beat up in sundown she knows exactly why—her dreams drowned smear the rain stopped turning the world … Read more

The Void

The heat intense my brain does boil to slime Then seeps—in skies of blue she took the night In clouds of dreams but dark soon came in time For she beheld the world beyond the light The stars outshone the sun and love and hope She knew the end was near—a smile did show Her … Read more

Prairie Wind

On a Kansas prairie, the winds exhaled gales of dust that settled land like thick fog. Ethel rode her Phantom Rider load beyond the wind’s almighty grip, she peddled past the locust plagued corn that destroyed a midwest farmer. The prairie wind stung her face. Covered in dust, a barn the color of night hovered … Read more