Flying Blind

Indian Summer ushered in October.Bags packed, I boardedthe iron horse.I left behind all that remainedof the static town.I’m a dying bird, flyingwith a broken wing.


The laughter of school children bounced offthe bitter air. Snot icicles formed and hungfrom Mary’s Rudolph nose while snowfairyflakestickled her tongue. Jingles caroled intothe scratchy loudspeaker. And as Mary twirled, her blades shaved the glassy ice.And women in their fancy garb, matchingmufflers and scarves, looked on from the rail.Mister Rockefeller’s tree, adorned withrainbow lights, sparkled … Read more


tell mehow you experiencea winter’s daywhen snow melts on our tonguesand glide as we mayalong the glass sidewalk. when life feels eternaland buds bloomfrom nature’s womb.tell mehow you experiencevernal equinox tell mehow you experienceheat lightingDuring midsummer’s brighteningdisplay. The nightlight lastsforever. Aged by seasonspast. carrot orangeburnt siennagold.tell mehow you experiencefalling leaves When the sun pokes funand … Read more


The breeze gained speed,tossing grass seedsand birds’ babiesbegged with wide mouths. In soil so rich that fed the blooms,trees grew too tall and broke the sky.Water deep and blue reflectedjagged mountains towered above The sun projected rays of gold and redbetween the silver clouds and meadows greenand small dilapidated barns withstoodthe mighty autumn wind without … Read more

The Dream

The dream was not a nightmare-sad she felt of the ghost that lived in her mind at night not wanting to close her eyes, she had dealt with the pain came more pain, she knew no light The dream was ready for afraid she knew the one whom she loved would return tonight regret crept … Read more