This is not a travel blog. I tried and then I tried again but I like and thrive on making stuff up, ie, writing fiction. It takes a long time for me to thoroughly remove myself from my travel (after I get home) to actually analyze and write about what happened. Maybe some day, I … Read more

Creaky Bones Bruised Skies

Excerpt from Creaky Bones Bruised Skies the sun warms the emerald grass each blade encrusted by fuzzy white frost melting, tiny drops of dew fall to the frozen ground the baby blue sky filled with wispy clouds overhead, I shield my eyes from the sun rays bundled up in sheep’s wool, protection from the chill … Read more

The Dream

The dream was not a nightmare-sad she felt of the ghost that lived in her mind at night not wanting to close her eyes, she had dealt with the pain came more pain, she knew no light The dream was ready for afraid she knew the one whom she loved would return tonight regret crept … Read more

We Are Still Here

The hate clung to the air-contagious-breathe tears flowed, eyes red, fists pumped, our faces hot they yell, they spew lies, over and they teethe in time-living backwards in thought The light that was ensured did not appear shouts and fists pumped through the air-in time they stared and making us part of their fear uncertain … Read more

The Manly Experiment

I woke up to blinding white light and as I tried to get up from the bed I was tugged back by arm restraints. I tossed my head from side to side. The room was white. Not off white but pure white. No pictures, no television, no curtains. Most importantly, no windows. The inside of … Read more