The Manly Experiment

I woke up to blinding white light and as I tried to get up from the bed I was tugged back by arm restraints. I tossed my head from side to side. The room was white. Not off white but pure white. No pictures, no television, no curtains. Most importantly, no windows. The inside of … Read more

Too Macabre

His shoulders slumped as he took out the air brush kit. The room was dark except for the flickering white light overhead. The door opened; he startled, just his co-worker. “My story was rejected. Want to know why?,” the mortician said. “Too macabre, they said.” He waved the air brush over his subject like an … Read more

The Artist

The grey sky hung over the city like a cloud as Bast walked down the rain soaked alley towards Kings Cross station. A newspaper hawker waved a wet paper in the air and screamed, ‘East End Murderer Strikes Again.’ Bast rubbed his chin as he flipped a pence at the hawker who nodded and handed … Read more